Monday, June 30, 2014

Why we feel fear, and what do you believe as truth?

Chikara girl♪
Thank you.

ate again♪
John speaks French fluently♪

It was enjoyable time!

Masami taught me a lotー♪
Thank you.

How old now・・・?
how was 12 years before and the 12 years before?

wanna go!wanna go!

I came to Paris first when I was 24th・・・
Azumi told me to see Europe when we are 20s.
And I surprised how cold it was.

I danced in the night and went out of town.
I couldn't pick the taxi so rode on Dinner.

This story is 25 years old before.
I never thought about I will live here.
I bough mouton jacket~

I livealong Ronne where cross road of Saint-Germain Des Prés and Montparnasse.
There are Compagnie des Prêtres de Saint-Sulpice and same name of station exit.We can go walk to Mare and Louvre if you likeー♪
If you drunk, of course you will. lol


「Why we feel fear, and what do you believe as truth??」

「What is your standard?」

「We can't notice the habit. Cause we tend to choose it without notice.
 But if we are continuing it, we are just trying to do it. 」

「What makes you excitiing?」

「so what?」・・・「and?」
「●●become■■・・・isn't it?」

When I listen BASHAR, everything go through quickly

Frozen・・・Osaka version♪

ジモモ ニューヨーク

Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.