Monday, May 26, 2014

Ayumi Tanimoto and ikumi♪

Gold medal from2004 in Atene、2008 in Beijing 
looks good personality and strong core.
Sister Izumi wasnicegirl too.

my mother was excited too♪
I know!lol
We can just feel it.

it was excited time♪


谷本 歩実 インタビュー フランスで新たに柔道を学ぶ


Ayumi Tanimoto

Gold medalist in Atene ans FranceNow she is learning about JUDO in France.
(Interview réalisé par Kei Okishima)


She was born in 1981/8/4. Raised in Aichi. She started JUDO when she was 9th. She became 3rd in Japan junior Judo and 2nd in hungaly International JUDO. She become 1st in France Junior international Tournament in 2000. She is belonging to Komatsuseisak co. ltd,.


My mother is going home in this Sunday flight~

with my friend, Ann・・・lol

ジモモ ニューヨーク

Books of Takumi Yamazaki, English ver.

Able to download if you click this site.