Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Teaching from Mr. Funai

He used to say・・・
he likes this my drawing・・・
I upload here!!!


====The word from Funai Yukio TOP10=====================
1.nessesary, inevitable, best
~past all goodness、present affirmation、all necessary~

2.honest・positive thinking・prefer to study
~3 method of success. do your work to form this three habit~

3.pre prepare ・quick management・repeating, contracting and consultation.
~prepare before and manage all in quick then do perfect repeating, contracting and consultation

4.The method of implicate
~implicate anything~

~Here is the age to open for others. don't hide. Let's share everything~

6.principle of luck
~communicate with lucky. this is your responsibility of lucky and unlucky~

7.Cultivate each abilities
〜Don't point negative, concentrate on good point~

8.Deserved towards your talent
~deserved toward your ability, you have to be the No.1 of something~

9.Adjustable for the time flow
~Read market, tranew and fasion  and have to follow. It is your capacity to read those.~

10.compress and adding
~compress space of market and add~

by Yushi Okada


I learned from him a lot too.
His study was always accident.

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