Sunday, December 29, 2013

Let's make a plan, hurry up!

Christnas today~
Am I going to go movie?

last one week this year.
What do you have to do within this month?

never give up !
never exhausted  !
don't be scared!

Do whatever you need to do.
Do importantly.

Even it is good 
or bad,
It is not because of you.

it is your work to set 'something' for successful.
Sometimes good result come up but not always.

We have to try it first anyways.
No result without trying.
It is important to set up for future.

We never know the result before recommend it to your frineds
it is your frined's choice
whether it is values or no.

Be together with the person and 
wait for the timing.
And wait for the result comes.
Always result comes up.
But it might be the result we don't like.
But can't control it.

Ok can we be in time?
In time by the last day of this month?
let's set the timing.


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