Saturday, November 30, 2013

The method of... how to make strong teams !

This month will be done by today.
Rome, Medatiranian.
November will be finish by fast speed.

You scoot is not only From this months, it is created by last month efforts.

Analyze those, aware of it and don't miss chance and no mistake minds
tells you your growth.

happy and unhappy ・・・
This is effected by afterthoughts.
Why this happens?

For example・・・
This is like not thinking why we have fever?
No meaning if we take only medicine.

Why our knee posess water?
No meaning if we just take out the water.
Body balance with water.
Why this happens.

So let's analyze Nov.
Learn from Nov.


↓↓↓He is the guy I met the other day in Hiroshima.

Kimio Hata.

↓↓↓He knows group method!!!

  • This is great method.
    Please watch if you are leader!!!


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