Monday, October 28, 2013

Be the wild deer.

『Wisdom will come up, 

If you were trying your best.

 Complain will come up,

    If you were not trying your best.

 If you were irresponsible,

   You will tend to say excuse.』

    (Shingen Takeda)

 Mail magazine from nodacchi・・・


 I see.  by Taku 

smile♪ しおり  スマイル (^_-)-☆

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 Beer from Nara park~
 You are eating rice cracker!
 What if the Nara park gone ?
 Be a wild beer!

 ・・・I talked in my speech.
 I pretended if I were Mr. Kaku.
 Then I could see everyone waked up.

 Thank you Mr. Kai!

 Osaka was fun yesterday too・・・
 My mates got together.

 left Tokyo in the morning 5 am・・・
Eating breakfast in Osaka. lol Who made this appointment?
 Did lunch meeting and ・・・went to Fukuoka.

 Oh!This is morning in Osaka・・・
 Kaki P drove me. 
 before Osaka marathon.. 
  There is no other  car.
 All blue.
 went to the meeting place・・・
 I felt like to go to water provider machine.

 Ate nabe in Okiyosyokudo for dinner.
 and went to nagahama again even I was full.

 from Newlywed, Maoryna・・・
 She says that recent Okinawa is like this.

琉球チムドン楽団:AsianBeat MixPV(4分)

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2013.6.19 全国リリースの4thCDミニアルバム『Asian Beat』からAsianBeatと輪廻転生を2014年春予定のLive Tour in USA Part2の ...
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This is cool・・・
New LORN ep coming!
Debris / Lorn / Releases / Ninja Tune

Dreams Come True - True Baby True.avi

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Dreams Come True's True Baby True.
ジモモ ニューヨーク

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