Sunday, September 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

What I have felt in the meeting of Shibuya was


You believe so future changes.
Thank you Kaorusan.

I have a future which I want to believe.
Fitune myself look back the past and past myself...
That is present myself so how can you see yourself now?

Grand Hyatt party after.
Wonderful achievement people were a lot.
Diamond is shining・・・

「Ok. so please change front line to second line. 」

I achieved this when I was 22 years old・・・
This phrase changed something.
I thought what am I?

After the party, went to the Mr. Kaoru's house by Mr. Kitakon's car.
After midnight 「Happy New Year」party.


美佳 - Wikipediaさんもいる~♪

PEABO BRYSON arrived there.
Today's event guest.

PEABO BRYSON with special guest REGINA BELLE : BLUE NOTE TOKYO 2013 trailer デュエットの名手ピーボが、映画『アラジン』主題歌 「ホールニューワールド」で組んだ ...

Exciting 3am.



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