Thursday, May 30, 2013

We need to face what is happening in reality.

『There is nothing you can afraid of.

 Only you can do is understanding. 』

   (Madame Curie)

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Nodacchi Thank you always for opening my door of thoughtconsideration.

Life・・・There is nothing you can afraid of!
That is right!
Only you can do is understanding.
That is right!

Understanding is something you ask for yourself.
We make the feelings by anything that happens in reality.
This natural feelings is affected by the reality, but
this is always not affected directly, indirectly.

My boss is angry.
The feelings appears so bad.
But the angry boss look for the past experience instantaneous.
Unconsciousness find the anger of mother, who find her children skipped her cramming school. The past anger effects. We copy that past anger in reality.

Let's get back to the story of understanding.
What we afraid is that the reality of what is happening.
We actually afraid of the past experience (following feelings.)

Understand the reality and understand the feelings.
And analyze which scene is the same.
Then what happens if we change the meaning of what is happening?
Don't you think understanding is all the chains, the type of action?

Some people might can't understand the reality.
If we understand reality, we feel some type of the feelings.
It might be what you want to hide from. 

This is (something I have a confidence) or (feels like I can do it)・・・
Isn't it the same about positive feelings?
I want to analyze that too.

Get out from set selling:「the past experience」and「the time of feelings」
 of copy and paste life, we need to face what is happening in the reality, and we need consciousness for people who create the future.

ジモモ ニューヨーク