Sunday, July 25, 2021

The grass on the other side always looks greener, but you don't want to be someone feels relieved at a withered turf either

Yesterday was 「YG3」

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It was so inspiring and stimulating! 

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The grass looks greener on the other side 

But you don't want to be 

someone who is relieved either 

at seeing a withered turf 



how was work?

I decided in my heart that I didn't want to betray this child that was waiting for me. 

I place great importance on the halfway point of goal achieving. 




When getting to the mid-point of the goal term 

have a reached the numbers necessary? 

At the half way point 

the middle 

And the end goal 

I place importance on it 

Having goals still at the halfway point is important 

Having a feeling like a mother ship 

towards other work partners

"Please return safely" 

Leaders are the key point 

Resolution =Leader 

Resolutions and achievements are the same 

It's okay to succeed 


If you are stepping on the breaks its harder to move forward 

You can experience so many different emotions 


The person you want to be 

The person you want to allow yourself to be 

Having that kind of communication is important 

I want to prove to so and so 

Never lose your kindness 

You're going to challenge yourself anyway 

so let's try it 


They don't  points because of the offensive, 

but because of a miss 


All the experiences will teach you to understand the feelings of others 


(about team building) 

Being considerate 

Having flexible focus 


Takumi Yamazaki AW news →



What is most important to me? 

Why am I doing it? 

It's not work that you must do 

You're doing it because you want to. 

The difference between those who succeed and those who don't 

is whether they have a reason 

Why they absolutely must 

Why they absolutely must achieve that goal 


Dissatisfaction with the current state

Anxiety about the future 


The stance that we should be doing something 

If you quit then the learning ends 



Are you living happy days every day? 

I used to tell myself that I was having fun 

But I was doing it cuz I felt I had to 

Using an alarm clock isn't healthy for your body 

Girls wake up and put on make up 

There is the morning meeting 

Work→Lunch→The same place 

It's not good or bad 

Getting sleepy around 3 pm 

Work ends at 5:30 

But seniors are still at work so can't go home 

Go drinking 

Go into the bath and get tired 

Drink some more and watch youtube 

This was my routine 

Was it fun? 

 Every year there are about 1 million less people 

The average age of the working people is 50 years old 

There are many foreign workers 

Work you can do if you memorize it →It will disappear 

Pension issue→We surely can't count on it 

It's definitely important to do something 




Work that can be done as a team 

A minus approach that something must be done 


Its too wasteful to end life with just work 

I wanna do this 

I wanna do that 

I must do this, 

I must do that 

There are people who have nothing too 

Lanai Island 



Returning the favor (debt of honor) 


When things aren't going well 




Concerned about what others think 

Lack in confidence 

Afraid of being hurt or turned down 

from there・・・


Being someone who can do sales

It's possible!

There are some ways of working 

that if you do it for others you are more successful 

How can you return the favor 


Your team 

Decide you'll give it your all for them 

The people who your uplines respect 

Respect and follow them and you'll be successful too 


Success is for yourself 

but for others too 

Its an era of social media 

Through my smartphone 

I was able to meet 20 people a month 

I didn't miss the timing 

Don't wait for the right timing 

It's easier for me to give my all if I know it will benefit others! 

We inherited this flow that many people have passed on and I will continue to carry it on 


This is really delicious〜〜〜〜〜


「&OIMO TOKYO CAFE(アンドオイモトウキョウカフェ)」が中目黒にオープン!安納芋尽くしのスイーツと料理が美味リンク

I met a friend who is doing something really interesting 



Link to Takumi Yamazaki’s 



People who have good luck do.....

 From Iida from Getters 

I received this from my friend Aya 


People with good luck・・・


・Say "I'm lucky" 

・Are polite 

・Can wait their turn 

・Are high class

・Are good at complimenting others

・Can listen to others until the end 

・Don't easily say "But" or make excuses 

・Know how to enjoy themselves 

・Are quick to respond to messages

・Don't send long mails 

・Wear a watch 

・Don't say they are unlucky 

・Don't blame things on luck 



【NHK】Highlights of July 24th | Tokyo Olympics 






Japan will likely wake up 

after the Beijing Olympics when they see the 

huge difference between the Tokyo Olympics !!!




A treasure trove of learning↓↓↓

Motivation Channel!



やる気のチャンネル昨日のやる気を今日出せないすべての人へーー やる気やモチベーションアップのプロが、様々な分野の専門知識とモチベーション継続のコツをご紹介します!^^ ▶チャンネル登録はこちらから: 動画制作編集担当▶Movie Accademeia(ムービー…リンク




Link to Takumi Yamazaki’s 


Saturday, July 24, 2021

Is it actually your "intestinal bacteria" that causes "love at first sight"?!


I learned about the intestinal environment! 




Today I received a summary from a friend 

that was really wonderful and well done so 

I'm posting it here for my learning too.

Thank you Eri





Humanience --the 4 billion year plot 

"Intestinal bacteria" are actually the unseen Rulers


NHK broadcast date   2021/7/19


There are unknown creatures living inside our bodies..

There are 100 trillion gut bacteria in our intestines. 
There are 37 trillion human cells (so there are 3 times more gut bacteria) 

Our gut intestines is what breaks down food in the intestines to produce the necessary substances and there are many benefits to the gut bacteria we house in our intestines. (when we lose our gut bacteria it can cause brain abnormalities and even lead to death)  It's what allows us to live as ourselves. 


Furthermore, our gut bacteria breaks down food substances for itself, and not necessarily for the humans?! meaning that the gut bacteria is actually more important?! 

Bacteria is 

・Separate from viruses  ・It can grow as long as there is nutrition 

In human bodies there are 

Good bacteria (bifidobacterium) ...fermentation 

Bad bacteria (E.coli) ....rotting 

Optimum fungi  

This is 70%  ⇒This distinction is only in Japan 

Some e.coli work negatively but they also have a positive role 


★Your gut bacteria decides who you like? 

There is a chance that it is actually your "gut bacteria" causes "love at first sight". Although every creature on earth has gut bacteria, drosophila have the same gut bacteria as humans so are often used for experiments. 


*The gut bacteria of drosophila and humans are pretty much the same!!! 

60% of the human diseases that humans have are shared by drosophila as well (such as diabetes, and neurological disorders)  ⇒They have common genes, and common intestinal bacterium such as Lactobaccillus (lactic acid bacterium) 


【Experiment】 Raise drosophilas in 2 groups feeding them different foods (Each group having the same gut bacteria) 

A group;  Molasses

B group: starch 

Once they released A and B group males and females together there were more couples of Group A males and females and group B males and females. 


There is a 76% chance of couples with the same gut bacteria!!! 

Can gut bacteria be linked with eating the same foods? 

<According to the thesis>

They use pheromones to show that they are looking for a partner 

 The substances produced by females ⇒ is related to the intestinal bacteria (this is what attracts the males) 


If animals with the same gut bacteria get together, you can share the same diet making it advantageous for survival  (People with similar food preferences get along better) 


◎The relationship of gut bacteria and pheromones 

Bacteria in the intestines can be biased by food. Human odor is also produced by bacteria. (skin bacteria) Many intestinal bacteria also produce gaseous substances. 

 ⇒It may not be too far gone to say from the experiment that 76% (3 out of 4) drosophila's are decided by their gut bacteria. 

◎Effects of corona 

Now it's well known that when children lick everything, they are strengthening their gut bacteria along with their close contact with their parents, and they are building their resistance. So if you over disinfect, it can hinder them from getting the bacteria they need to and can cause allergies later on in life. ⇒一What is most important is creating a habit of eat a variety of non-processed foods 


★Gut bacteria can manipulate human immunity?
【The role of the gut bacteria】 The gut bacteria are known go induce immune cells and destroy e.coli by  announcing the arrival of pathogenic e.coli and causing a reaction. 


Since it is unknown when the pathogenic viruses and bacteria will enter the system the gut bacteria also play an important role in suppressing the overreaction of the immune system and preparing for immunity. 

<The immune system>



Balance is important 

As a result of an experiment of transplanting Japanese stool into mice, it became a mouse that was resistant to inflammation such as allergies⇒Bacteria that suppress inflammation was found among Japanese intestinal bacteria. d


Corona overactivates the immune sytem, attacking the lungs causing pneumonia etc. The gut microbiota controls various diseases by manipulating immunity. Medical care such as respiratory medicine and neurology has become too detailed and separated, and it is necessary to start looking at the intestinal bacterial as the starting point. 


Instead of killing everything with antibiotics, we ned to think about how we can maximize the potential of fungi that already exists inside of us. 




I got more photos! (lol) 

山崎拓巳『時代は「光り輝くおでこ」と「眉」です!「LOVE LETTERS」で歌わせていただきました♪』 昨日はソミさんの誕生日イベント「love letters」で歌わせていただきました。  これはその後、表現者の方々の発信の場所になるイベントに・・・  あり…リンク


It's an era of "a shining forehead" and "eyebrows" /I sang "love letters"


Thank you "YG3" 


Link to Takumi Yamazaki’s